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I play to win. If I lose I am not happy as in NOT HAPPY. After so many years in the casinos watching, talking and playing with players of all stripes and denominations, I do understand why gamblers enjoy the sheer act of gambling. It is a contest for them; it is visceral, kind of like amateur sports for the diehard player. Sure you compete, maybe even fiercely, but win or lose, youll come back for some more quite soon. You arent playing for the money; you are playing for the joy of playing. I do think some gamblers make a big mistake in the games they choose to play and how they choose to play them. For example, blackjack players who do not play basic strategy (which is the computerized analysis of how to play every hand you get against the dealers up card); these players are giving the house a greater edge than necessary. Sure, have fun playing for the sheer act of playing, but using the correct basic strategy will allow you such fun and it will also give you the best shot at winning. Why not take that shot? Craps players are notoriously poor gamblers.

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