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Gambling expansion with slots-like machines in bars moves forward

Of course, revenue estimates for such proposals have proven unreliable in the past, contributing to Pennsylvania's current budget deficit. "We want the most conservative estimate possible," Reed said Wednesday. "We don't want to overestimate revenues and I know that was a request of the administration and the governor's office as well." The key provisions in the latest House version of HB271 include: Regulating fantasy sports contests  for players at least 18 years of age. Operators would pay 19 percent of their adjusted revenues on a quarterly basis. Online gaming,  which comes with an age limit of 21, would come with a 16 percent tax on gross revenue paid by operators on a weekly basis. Operators would also have to pay a 3 percent local share assessment. Liquor establishments and truck stops could operate five or 10 slots-like video gaming terminals, respectively, with a statewide cap of 40,000. Operators would pay a 37.5 percent tax as well as a 4 percent local share assessment. Part of the revenue would go toward the Lottery Fund, fire and EMS grants and various other programs. Casinos would be allowed to offer sports better only in the event of a change to federal law with a tax rate of 16 percent and a 2 percent local share assessment.

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Here is a look at the highlights: The state’s casinos would get an opportunity to pay $5 million for a license to operate slot machine-style games through an online portal and $5 million for a license to operate peer-to-peer table games online, or $10 million for both. The money would go into the state’s main bank account, called the general fund. After 90 days, other entities would have the opportunity to apply for the licenses that casinos do not seek. The tax rate on online gambling would be commensurate with the tax rates on land-based casinos, 16 percent on peer-to-peer table games and 54 percent on slot machine-style games. Online casino-style gambling is legal in three states: Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey. The Pennsylvania Lottery would be able to feature online games, including its existing games, instant tickets and raffle games. The proceeds would go into the state Lottery Fund, which subsidizes programs for the elderly. The lottery would be prohibited from operating casino-style games online, such as poker, สโบเบท ไทย roulette, slot machines and blackjack. Four states — Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky and Michigan — allow online lottery play, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Casinos or other entities with an online gambling permit could seek approval from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board to operate an online gambling parlor at an international or regional airport in Pennsylvania, with an agreement from the airport authority.

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